Two UFC Legends Enter Into The Adult Entertainment Industry

Times, they are-a-changin’. Gone are the days when fighters used to be more concerned with what kind of party they’re going to get access to after their fight, rather than be one-hundred percent concentrated on their upcoming fight. The athletes of today are more concerned with their resting heart rates than they are finding a party, and perhaps two Ultimate Fighting Championship legends can change that.

Las Vegas, Nevada is without a doubt fight central for mixed martial arts fans, so it was a no-brainer when octagon veterans Phil Baroni and UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar were given the opportunity to invest in “The Legend’s Room”, a ridiculously upscale gentlemen’s club.

“Legend’s Room” will be the first strip club to operate on bitcoins and cryptocurrency, which is a sign that even more industries are adapting with the evolution of technology. You will have to pay a grand total of $5,000 just to get in the club which is allegedly partially owned by Bonnar [via. Middle Easy].

What do you think? Will you support a brave company utilizing bitcoin as their main form of currency, or will you avoid this like the plague while you’re in Vegas?