UFC Veteran Daron Cruickshank Just Landed A Comeback Of The Year Contender | Replay

Mixed martial arts veteran Daron Cruickshank is still keeping at it. Formerly a competitor in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Daron Cruickshank has taken on some of the sport’s top competitors. Last night, Cruickshank put on a victorious performance in stunning fashion.

Competing in KnockOut Promotions, Daron Cruickshank took on Alexander Trevino at last night’s KOP 58 in Michigan. Early on in the fight, Trevino connected with a screaming right overhand that dropped Cruickshank.

Cruickshank scrambled to get back to his feet, but was quickly met with a powerful headkick that sent him back peddling towards the fence. Having had enough, Cruickshank went on the offensive. Putting on a flurry of blows, Cruickshank pressured his opponent onto his back foot. Then, Cruickshank delivered a stunning headkick that brought the fight to a close.

Watch the impressive comeback display in the video below: