Want Paulie To Shut Up About Conor Already? He’s Finally Given His One Demand To Drop The Beef

It’s been months now since the fallout, and boxing’s Paulie Malignaggi can be seen daily talking trash on twitter about Conor McGregor.

The two former two-time sparring partners had a very public falling out, shortly after the boxer entered Conor McGregor’s training camp for the Floyd Mayweather bout.

According to Paulie’s version of events, he whooped Conor McGregor’s ass, not once, but twice, and when the UFC and Conor’s media teams started leaking photos of what made it look like Paulie was getting crushed, the boxer got offended.

The days following would see Malignaggi hit the airwaves, talking to every podcast host who would listen. He felt compelled to stand up for himself in the aftermath of the leaked photos.

When he would return to camp for sparring again, that session would also be leaked to the public, only this time in video form. The video, much like the photographs showed Conor McGregor getting the better of Paulie.

The beef has been well documented up to this point, but Paulie is ready to drop it. . . On one condition.

For Malignaggi, his pride is on the line and he is wanting Conor’s team to release the full sparring video.

Apparently this daily trash-talking parade is all about proving he can beat up Conor. If the two don’t fight in a ring or cage, Paulie wants to accomplish this with that tape. And he’s ready to go about his business and drop the drama if this is done.

He said as much when engaging with fans on twitter.

Check it out:

“He releases footage unedited from a single camera angle (2 avoid editing) it would work for me. Mma fans don’t wanna c it either though lol”

Then a fan chimed in and asked the former boxing champion, “So if the footage is released ?you will end any interest in fighting him?”

Paulie then surprisingly responded with his terms to drop the drama.

He stated in response to the fan’s question,

“Sure, whole footage though not edited and no camera angles changed. Do no work, just release it like a home video from 1 camera.”

But, will the tape ever get released? Don’t hold your breath!