Paulie Malignaggi Now Feuding With Another Top UFC Fighter

Retired boxing champion Paul Malignaggi.

Retired Boxing champion Paul Malignaggi makes no secret of his desires to fight his two-time sparring partner Conor McGregor.

Following a very public falling out prior to the MayMac event, Paulie and Conor were sparring partners. The team brought Malignaggi in to help Conor prepare for Floyd.

Conor was not without his own reasons, but he did a good job ridiculing the boxer after he decided to pack his things and leave camp.

In an unheard of move, Conor and team released sparring footage and photos online, showing Paulie getting handily worked over by the UFC champion.

Paulie hasn’t been able to get over it ever since.

The latest is that Conor has invited Paulie to the UFC for a “real fight”. Paulie though, is uninterested in accepting the challenge at this time.

He still is very vocal on his social media whenever Conor’s name is brought up, and he continues to call the UFC champion names and disrespect him on twitter whenever he has the chance.

Now Paulie is getting into it with a new UFC fighter on the rise, Chase Sherman.

Check it out: