Andrei Arlovski Snaps Five Fight Losing Streak With Vintage “Pitbull” Performance

An exciting night of fights is going down in Norfolk, Virginia tonight, as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is hosting UFC Fight Night 120. Former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis is going to throw down with Dustin Poirier for an intense main event. Just before the night’s big co-headliner, heavyweights Andrei Arlovski and Junior Albini went toe-to-toe for a brutal match up.

The former heavyweight champion opened the first round with a series of jabs. Albini retaliated with a powerful left hook. Arlovski began swinging with damaging combinations, but Albini refused to back down.

Arlovski entered a clinch with the fighter, but Albini managed to push the former champion against the fence. Arlovski slipped out of Albini’s grip and made his way back to the center of the octagon, punishing Albini with a leg kick.

Albini began applying the pressure, throwing heavy combinations that put Arlovski on his back foot. Arlovski finished the round with a final series of strikes, but failed to put any significant damage on his opponent.

The second round opened with Arlovski landing some heavy body shots to his opponent, but Albini managed to pressure the former champion against the fence from the clinch. The fighters were eventually pulled apart by the referee.

Albini quickly made his way back to the same position, in a clinch against the fence. Making his way back to the center of the octagon, Arlovski began slamming Albini with more powerful punches.

Arlovski landed a clean jab to his opponent’s face, after landing body shots to Albini for the finishing touches of the second round.

The final round kicked off with Arlovski slapping Albini with a leg kick. Albini retaliated with a combination of punches. Both fighters battled for the center of the octagon, as Arlovski continued to set the pace.

The former champion locked in a switch kick on Albini’s head, but the fighter pushed on.

The fight was momentarily stopped as Albini accidentally landed an eye poke on his opponent. Arlovski elected to continue the battle, allowing the fight to return to the action.

Albini’s face appeared bloody from the constant striking of the former champion. In the final minute of the last round, Arlovski continued to punish his opponent. Then, Albini managed to get his opponent back against the fence from the clinch. However, the fighter was unable to get the finish before the end of the fight.

UFC Results: Andrei Arlovski def. Junior Albini via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)