Belfort’s Protege Makes It 2-0 For Their Squad Against UFC Veteran Nate Marquardt | UFC Results

Fight fans have flocked to Norfolk, Virginia for tonight’s UFC Fight Night 120. Former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis is gearing up to take on Dustin Poirier in the night’s exciting headliner. Leading up to the main event match up, middleweights Nate Marquardt and Cezar Ferreira are going toe-to-toe for division dominance.

In the first round, things started a little sluggish. Ferreira and Marquardt took their time matching each other up, testing each other’s range patiently. Marquardt started sticking Ferreira with explosive punches in damaging combinations, but Ferreira pressed on with counters of his own.

Ferreira began laying on the pressure with big leg kicks, but Marquardt retaliated with a staggering right straight.

Within the final minute of the first round, Ferreira appeared to be getting comfortable in his striking as the fighter found a rhythm and began letting off more strikes.

The second round opened at a swifter pace, as Ferreira picked things up with some pressuring strikes over his opponent. Still, both fighters were looking for the counter, leaving many moments of stalled action. Marquardt managed to get Ferreira against the fence, but was unable to capitalize on the moment. Ferreira quickly made his way back to the center of the octagon.

With two minutes left in the second round, Ferreira continued his onslaught on body kicks. But, Marquardt refused to fight on his back foot, continuing to try and pressure his opponent.

Marquardt and Ferreira began entering a brutal exchange, as both fighters began to bloody their faces. In the final moments of the round, Marquardt dropped his opponent with a powerful punch. But, Ferreira was saved by the bell.

Ferreira took his opponent down early in round three, putting Marquardt on the mat near the fence. From full guard, Ferreira began raining down damaging elbows to Marquardt’s head and powerful punches to the fighter’s body.

Marquardt finally made his way to his feet, but quickly found himself back on the mat after a failed guillotine attempt. From side control, Ferreira began to take a rest as both fighters appeared fatigued from the intense struggle.

Ferreira achieved the north-south position and began slamming Marquardt in the ribs. In the final 10 seconds of the match up, Marquardt made his way to the dominant position from full guard and began raining down brutal strikes on his opponent.

UFC Results: Cezar Ferreira def. Nate Marquardt via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)