Chael Sonnen: ‘Floyd vs. Conor Rematch Will Likely Happen … And I’m Rarely Wrong!’

UFC superstar Conor McGregor attempted to take over the world of boxing this summer, as the UFC lightweight champion made his professional boxing debut against undefeated pugilist legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. However, things simply did not go McGregor’s way inside the squared circle.

In the tenth round, Mayweather managed to earn a TKO victory over “Notorious.” Slipping back into retirement, Mayweather has now gained a perfect record of 50-0. While McGregor suffered a loss, the fighter still walked away with the payday of his career. That in mind, mixed martial arts veteran Chael Sonnen believes the two fighters may square off once again.

Speaking on his podcast, Sonnen offered his thoughts on the matter. To Sonnen, there is a possibility that Mayweather will need to come out of retirement for financial reasons.

“I don’t think we are going to see Conor back in that ring until Mayweather goes through his money, which is going to happen. It will probably take a couple years, then we are likely to see a Conor vs. Mayweather II. Regardless of how many people are going to say this, ‘Chael, you’re wrong on that.’ I’m not wrong that often and we’ll need two to three years to see if I’m right, but Mayweather will be back.”