One Week Later And Poirier Says He Still Has Pettis Blood In His Body’s Crevices

Dustin Poirier and Anthony Pettis went to war at UFC Fight Night 120. Poirier ultimately earned a submission victory over his opponent, but not before busting up the fighter’s nose in a bloody display. Now Poirier has come forward to reveal that he is still getting trying to get blood from his opponent washed away.

Speaking to MMA Mania, Poirier explained:

“From this last one my hair was matted with blood. Yeah, I took a shower. The crazy thing was the shower tile was white on the ground, so as soon as I got in there I could see how much blood was really pouring off of me. I mean my back, my shins, everything was covered.”

“I’m still cleaning blood out of my ears right now, you know. Like, today. For sure, man. With an ear like this? They got some crevices in there that probably still have a few drops.”

The fighter continued:

“I’ve been in a few of these fights in my career and while it’s happening you just know,” Poirier continued. “I like it. I hear the crowd, I smell the blood, I know my eye is swollen. I know we’re both damaged, and we’re both fighting off of will. It’s fun. I look forward to that. That’s fighting to me.”