Chuck Liddell Drops Heavy Hint That He’s Booked A Comeback Fight … For Real This Time

UFC legend Chuck Liddell has been hinting at a comeback for the past few months. The hall-of-fame former champion has stated on multiple occasions that for the right price, he’ll fight just about anyone. Now, in a new statement Chuck Liddell has dropped a heavy hint that he’s back in training and booked a comeback fight… And it looks to be for real this time.

No longer employed by the UFC in any capacity, Bellator MMA has expressed heavy interest in working out a deal with one of the sport’s most recognizable faces, and is likely a really strong fit. Bellator has made a bold move by grabbing several notable UFC fighters passed their prime. Though many fights don’t have much importance to rankings, the promotion has managed to put together great, fan friendly, fights.

And though Liddell’s statement does not say that he’s signed with Bellator, a return to the UFC is unlikely. UFC President Dana White has a longtime relationship with “The Iceman”, one where he’s publicly stated several times he’s not willing to sacrifice by seeing him fight again.

In Chuck’s statement he clearly identifies that he is back in training camp. Through several hashtags, the former light heavyweight champ drops more hints of a pending return.

Check it out:

This is what I work for. This is my motivation. I’ll never regret any of the hard work, hardship, sacrifices I’ve made to have this life, not for one second. I was told by a good friend “everyone wants what you have but none of these guys are willing to do what you do” if you want something you have to be willing to put in the work. Anything worth having takes work and a lot of it. When you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true anything is possible. Now I am back at it and it is grueling but I couldn’t feel better about where I am at right now!?? #mentaltoughness #beastmode #nostoppingnow #alwaysafighter #motivated #determined #noquitinme

Here’s the original Instagram post:

Chuck Liddell retired from Mixed Martial Arts after his first round knockout loss to Rich Franklin at UFC 115 in 2010. It was his third straight defeat.