In The Midst Of Irish Gang Scandal, Judge Orders McGregor To Turn Up In Court Immediately

Indiscriminate of Conor McGregor’s recent death threats from the Irish drug cartel, a judge in Ireland today ordered the UFC lightweight star to show up in court immediately for a traffic violation he had skipped out on twice.

According to Ireland’s Independent, McGregor planned on no-showing today’s court date. He planned to have a representative show up in his place to pay whatever fine the courts deemed necessary.

Instead, the UFC lightweight world champion was ordered to make himself present immediately.

The Irish report reads:

The ‘Notorious’ star was due to appear in Blanchardstown District Court earlier this morning to face the charge but sent a solicitor to handle the case in his absence.

But when the case came before judge Miriam Walsh today she ordered McGregor to appear in person.

Solicitor Graham Kenny said McGregor was pleading guilty and said that when he returned the fixed penalty notice issued to him he had mistakenly neglected to put his middle name ‘Anthony’ on it.

But judge Walsh said that if McGregor wanted to offer mitigation or make a case he “has to be here”.

“I’m getting nothing but fingers from Mr McGregor, if he wants to make a case he has to be here,” she said.

“This is absolute disrespect to the court,” she said adding that a “bench warrant will be coming his way” is he does not turn up.

Mr Kenny said he would call McGregor at once and said he would produce him later today.
Judge Walsh told Mr Kenny to “tell him of my ire” while he was talking to him and put the case back to second calling.

A number of reporters and photographers gathered at the court to see how the case develops.

Conor McGregor was in court for to answer for a speeding ticket.

McGregor is charged with exceeding the 100kph speed limit on the N7 Naas Road at Rathcoole on March 31 this year, an offence under Section 7 of the Road Traffic Act 2004.

The case had previously been adjourned on November 6, when McGregor was also absent from the court.
His representatives informed the court that he was out of the country that day.

When the case was called on Thursday last week, the UFC star’s business manager Alan Geraghty told the court that McGregor would accept any fine imposed.
Mr Geraghty said that Conor McGregor sent back the fixed charge notice, but forgot to put his driving licence number on it.

However, Judge Miriam Walsh said if any defendant wants to make an argument, that person must be attend court themselves or send a legal representative.
She adjourned the case until today when solicitor Graham Kenny represented him and was told McGregor had to appear in person.

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