Conor’s Tired Of Building UFC Stars, Sets Demands For Who Can Share Cards With Him

UFC lightweight world champion has pulled rank on his star-power and reportedly placed demands on the UFC regarding who he wants to share fight cards with. Eclipsing every UFC star before him, Conor McGregor is not only the biggest star the UFC has ever seen, he’s also the biggest active star in combat sports, period. As such, McGregor is apparently tired of fighters who share the card with him getting rich off his name, and is flat out tired of building stars for the UFC.

According to UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, Conor McGregor has demanded that the UFC not book him on fight cards where another fighter’s contract allows him to receive pay-per-view points.

With McGregor holding every pay-per-view record for combat, including the UFC’s #1 and #2 most grossing events of all-time, the Irish mega-star does not want other athletes to get rich off his name.

In a fresh interview with MMAJunkie Radio, Woodley revealed what he was told:

“From what I hear, if he’s on the card, he doesn’t want any pay-per-view grossing fighters on the card with him. Because he doesn’t want to feed us any more, which I can respect. The dude is the draw. You can hate all you want, but he’s the draw. He’s that dude right now.”

“They’ve kind of opened up the door for Conor to do whatever the hell he wants to. He’s slapping commissioners and doing whatever he wants. The blueprint is kind of set for Conor to have his own set of rules, and then everybody else follows the old-school rules.”

“The people that are going to watch me are going to watch Conor. There are people that watch Conor that might not watch me. So I can see where he’s coming from, in basically feeding us to get pay-per-view. I really don’t have an issue with that.”