Conor’s Camp Confirms Timeline For UFC Return, Won’t Be Anytime Soon

After months of speculation about who is next for UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor, we are really no closer to getting answers today then we were on the night MayMac took place.

Instead, after being rumored to be facing either Nate Diaz or Tony Ferguson at the UFC’s year-end UFC 219 event, it would appear as if Conor is putting out his return to action for another six-months, at least.

This new information comes to us via his head coach John Kavanagh. Whose recent comments come via a recent statement made to Palestinian/Moroccan MMA journalist Farah Hannoun.

Check it out:

Just saw John Kavanagh who was very surprised by the Woodley vs. Diaz rumours. Says Conor probably won’t return until April or mid next year. Still have to go through negotiations with the #UFC to place deal for next fight.