Dana Is Unhinged, Defends The UFC’s Worst Year By Cussing Out Everyone

UFC president Dana White is trying to sell the world on the fact that 2017 is the company’s best year ever.

However, leading reports from industry insider’s believe 2017 has been the worst year for the UFC in the modern era. And it’s really no surprise…

Where are the Diaz brothers? Where’s Conor McGregor? Where’s Brock Lesnar or Ronda Rousey? All the stars that made the UFC’s 2016 the biggest year in the sport’s history have all been absent from the octagon this year.

However, don’t bring any of that up, don’t bring up the declining television ratings, or low pay-per-view buy rates. Bringing up these topics with UFC boss Dana White is likely to get him pretty angry.

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