In The Midst Of Historically Low T.V. Ratings, Dana White Proclaims 2017 The Company’s Greatest Year Ever

UFC President Dana White is taking a play out of Donald Trump’s book… At least we think…

That’s because, despite what seems to be the worst year in the modern UFC era, one where fight cards are being ignored by fight fans and superstars are completely absent, UFC president Dana White just told the world a false-truth.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) just hosted the pre-fight press conference for UFC 217, as the event is set to go down Saturday night inside Madison Square Garden in New York. During the conference, UFC President Dana White was asked about the company’s growth since the UFC visited Madison Square Garden for UFC 205.

White said, “This will be the biggest year in the company’s history. We’re on track for the biggest year ever. So it’s been good.”

With UFC superstars Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey having been away from the octagon, many fight fans consider 2017 to be a low year for the company. Still, Dana White appears to be under the belief that everything is just fine.