Dana White Confirms Middleweight Champion GSP’s Next UFC Opponent

Fight fans have been speculating as to what would be next for Georges St. Pierre if he defeated Michael Bipsing for the UFC middleweight title. Some fans have been hoping for a super fight against UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor or for St-Pierre to return to his native welterweight division to take on reigning champion Tyron Woodley. However, it would appear that UFC President Dana White is now ready to put all speculation to rest.

UFC 217 went down Saturday night, with Georges St. Pierre choking out “The Count” in front of the New York crowd for the UFC middleweight title. The fighter is now the fourth UFC competitor to ever hold two different division titles. Georges St-Pierre was unable to attend the UFC 217 post-fight press conference, as the Canadian phenom suffered some brutal damage from his battle with Bisping.

Speaking at the post-fight press-conference, Dana White said:

“I don’t even know what’s going on with GSP. He was transported to the hospital. He’s got to get stitches in his nose. If he doesn’t take Bisping down and keeps it standing, he comes out of that fight with almost no damage. Bisping did some serious work from his back, had his nose opened, blood all over his face. He took some big shots from the top position. If he didn’t do that, he probably would have come out pretty much unscathed but he’s gotta go to the hospital right now.

“So we’ll see how he is. I don’t know what the status is with him.”

Of course, the UFC president did offer an update on what will be next for the newly crowned UFC middleweight champion. Dana White remained adamant that St-Pierre will be remaining in the 185 pound division and will be taking on interim champion Robert Whittaker for his next octagon performance.

“It’s gonna be [Robert] Whittaker. He’s staying at 185 pounds.”