Despite Anderson Silva’s Failed Drug Test, Gastelum In Negotiations On Two Weeks Notice

Let’s face it, this Anderson Silva vs. Kelvin Gastelum bout is not supposed to happen.

The first time the two were scheduled to fight, Gastelum was flagged for a marijuana violation. However, in the rebooked main event set for UFC Fight Night 122 in Shanghai, it’s now Anderson Silva who failed a drug test.

Silva once again finds himself in hot water, with a second drug violation looming over his head he is now provisionally suspended by USADA, awaiting a more official punishment.

For Gastelum’s part, the rising UFC middleweight hopes to keep his place on the card and just told fight fans his team is in negotiations for a replacement opponent on just two weeks notice

Check it out:

Thank u all for the best wishes!!! Ill be ready regardless!! Fight day im showing up!! So don’t worry my peeps #OnAmission4Gold

This anxiety will be the death of me lol my team is still in negotiations with @Ufc for a replacement Fight! #OnAmission4Gold

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UFC Fight Night 122 in Shanghai goes down on November 25th. Stay tuned as this story develops.