T.J. Dillashaw Reacts To Urijah Faber’s “Call-Out” And He Shows Absolutely No Respect For The Legend

When UFC hall-of-famer Urijah Faber mentioned on a Q&A that a fight against T.J. Dillashaw would be fun, he likely didn’t mean to set the internet on fire.

However, in the aftermath of his comments, Faber didn’t shy away, instead he owned them, hitting TMZ and other popular media outlets. During his multiple interviews the UFC legend clarified that he’s enjoying retirement, and not calling out Dillashaw, he just loves to fight, and wouldn’t turn down the opportunity if asked.

Well, Dillashaw caught wind of Faber’s comments, and offered a response, calling it the easiest payday ever.

Here’s the UFC champ’s comments per MMAMania.com:

That’s hilarious man. It sounds like the easiest payday ever. I mean it’s just comical. I mean come out of retirement, get a title shot off of what, losing to Jimmy Rivera and looking like crap in his fights? I mean it’s hilarious. But like I said, it’d be an easy payday, so I guess I shouldn’t be laughing at it. I should be pumping him up.”