Firas Zahabi’s Brother Knocked Out Cold to Open UFC 217 Fight Card

Fight fans are gathering around the esteemed Madison Square Garden Arena tonight for the highly anticipated event UFC 217. The night is set to feature the exciting octagon return of former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, as well as a total of three title fights will be on the night’s stacked card.

Kicking off the night of fights, bantamweights Ricardo Ramos and Aiemann Zahabi went toe-to-toe in the opening UFC Fight Pass prelim for the New York crowd.

Zahabi, brother to Tristar head coach Firas Zahabi, came out swinging quickly snaring his opponent in the clinch. However, Ramos was able to get the fighter to the ground. Unable to get any damage in from the dominant position, Ramos would go on to lose his position over his opponent.

Back on their feet, the two fighters exchanged some brutal strikes. Zahabi had some issues checking his opponent’s kicks. Ramos managed to get his opponent to the ground again, but Zahabi quickly made his way back to his feet.

Ramos ate a powerful punch from Zahabi, but held his own and retaliated with strikes. Ramos managed to end the fight from the dominant position on the ground, after tripping his opponent.

Opening in the second round, Ramos continued to deliver harsh kicks to Zahabi. Zahabi came back with a stunning right hand that put Ramos on his back foot. Ramos pace began to slow, as Zahabi continued to pepper in strikes.

In the final 40 seconds of the second round, both fighters appeared gassed from their battle inside the octagon. Still, Ramos and Zahabi continued to land precise jabs over each other as the fight persisted.

Kicking things off in the third round, Ramos began sticking his opponent with big jabs but Zahabi was able to retaliate with a powerful uppercut. However, Ramos was able to bring an end to the fight by knocking out his opponent with a stunning spinning elbow to the temple.

UFC Results: Ricardo Ramos def. Aiemann Zahabi via knockout in the third round