GSP Explains Why Calling Out Conor McGregor Would Make Him Look Like A Little B*tch

Before we go any further let just preface the article by saying Georges St. Pierre didn’t actually say he’d be a little bitch for calling out UFC lightweight champ Conor McGregor. That’s just some paraphrasing and translating of his comments since GSP isn’t one to typically use that kind of language.

The translation of GSP’s recent discussion with The MMA Hour isn’t far off though, because in essence that’s exactly what he said when the topic of fighting Conor McGregor came up.

With his successfull return against Michael Bisping now in the books, the UFC middleweight champion explains, that though the world is clamoring for him to fight Conor McGregor, it is absolutely not in his character to call out a smaller man to a fist fight.

For Georges St. Pierre, it looks like bullying, and he finds it inappropriate.

In his talk with Ariel Helwani, here’s how Canada’s mega-star broke it down:

“Everybody is asking me this question. You’re not the only one. I always ask the same: Why is everybody asking this question? He’s competing in different weight classes than I am.

“I’m not the kind of guy who, as a fighter, I don’t challenge guys that compete in smaller weight classes. I think it makes you look bad. I don’t want to do this, and I’m very happy for Conor. He raised the bar for all of us.”

“What he’s been doing, he raised the bar for all of the fighters. And he does it for himself, but he does it for all of us at the same time. Even if maybe he doesn’t realize it, he does it for everybody and I think it’s good for the sport. It’s good for the fighters. It’s good for everybody.”

So, in short, don’t expect GSP to callout Conor anytime soon. It ain’t gonna happen!