GSP: “I’m not against steroids … It’s just in our contracts”

Newly minted UFC middleweight champion Georges St. Pierre is making the media rounds today, and while in New York he stopped by the popular MMA podcast known as “The MMA Hour” to sit down in between obligations, and talk about his recent win.

While there we picked up some commentary on the topic of performance enhancing drugs. GSP quickly admits he’s not against steroids, but also explains why. And don’t twist his words. He does not think fighters should use steroids, but because it’s in their contracts to not do so.

Here’s his full comments on the subject:

“The thing that people don’t understand is, I’m not against steroids.”

“[Pauses] Be careful, I’m going to say something.

“I’m against steroids in our sport because we sign an agreement, and agree to perform without biological weapons. We agree upon that.

“But, if you’re an actor in Hollywood and you have a role that will give you millions of dollars, and you need to gain 50 pounds in one month, maybe you have no choice to take steroids.

“I tried to gain mass, to gain muscle mass, in six months and you see what I did, it messed me up a little. But, I had to do it because that was the weight I signed up for.

“Or, if you’re sick and have an incurable disease, and need to feel better. Or you’re old and your testosterone goes down, and health wise you need to do it, it’s o.k.

“I’m not against it, but for sport, for performance I am against it. Because we sign an agreement saying we’re not going to use any help, any biological weapon. That’s why I’m against it in our sport.

“But, if it’s for some kind of well being, I don’t mind it, it’s medicine.”

So you can check out GSP’s full comments in context, here’s the replay timestamped for your convenience: