GSP Reveals How Much Weight He Cut For UFC 217 Title Fight Against Bisping

Georges St. Pierre finally made his big octagon return on Saturday night, Nov. 4. For the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s second ever appearance at the illustrious Madison Square Garden Arena, the French Canadian phenom headlined UFC 217. In the night’s main event, St-Pierre faced off against UFC middleweight champion Michael “The Count” Bisping.

The match was St-Pierre’s debut in the middleweight division, as the fighter previously held a dominant run as champion of the welterweight class. With that in mind, it would appear that “Rush” did not cut much weight for his big octagon return.

In a recent interview with, Georges St-Pierre revealed the heaviest he got during his training for the fight was 200 pounds. However the fighter said he was approximately 191 pounds on fight night, as the weight St-Pierre began losing for the fight simply did not return. Seeing how the former welterweight champion competed in the 185 pound class on Saturday night, it would appear that St-Pierre did not cut much weight at all.

That in mind, after being away from the UFC for nearly four years, Georges St-Pierre earned a stunning submission victory over “The Count” in the third round of their title fight on Saturday. Now the fighter is one of only four to ever earn a title in different UFC divisions.