GSP’s Take On Modern UFC: ‘It’s No Longer MMA, Now It’s WWE’

Georges St. Pierre finally made his long awaited octagon return at UFC 217, after nearly four years away from the sport of mixed martial arts.

For his big return, the former welterweight champion moved up in weight to challenge UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping for his title. St-Pierre would go on to earn a submission victory over “The Count.”

Appearing at the New York Stock Exchange, St-Pierre recently offered his thoughts on what it is like being back in the UFC. Here is what the new middleweight champion had to say, as provided by Bloody Elbow.

“The sport has changed. Now it’s more WWF. It’s crazy. It wasn’t like that when I left off four years ago. Now it’s crazy — also, I was fighting a guy who likes to trash talk, which is different. It was just a different environment.

“The fans are crazy. Everybody is more into it. It was fun though, I was enjoying the process.”

With the rise of pay-per-view draw and UFC superstar Conor McGregor, the mixed martial arts promotion has arguably entered an era of ‘money fights.’ Now it would appear that Georges St-Pierre is willing to relate the promotion to the likes of the WWE.