Notable UFC Vets Competing On Man vs. Woman, $1 Million Dollar MMA Tournament Card, Going Down In Russia

It would appear that former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) competitor Brad Kohler has put together an rather unique mixed martial arts tournament, one in which men and women will compete against each other.

Kohler and his partner A.J. Hiller are on the hunt for competitors willing to take part in their tournament that goes down January 12, 2018. The event will be held in Russia and will not offer cage side viewing. Rather, fight fans will have to order the tournament through pay-per-view on InPLayer to check out the night of fights.

Not being sanctioned by a regulatory commission, the event will not feature a cage or ropes. Rather, the tournament will consist of more underground, backyard rules. That being said, there is a $1 million winning on the line for the unique card.

So far heavyweights Travis Wiuff and Wes Sims are set to face off in the night’s co-main event. The intergender main event has yet to be locked down.