Jason “Mayhem” Miller Pleads Guilty To Domestic Violence Charge

Jason “Mayhem” Miller is a mixed martial arts veteran with lengthy experience brawling under multiple banners. Among them, Mayhem Miller had a short run inside the octagon. Under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Miller went on to face the likes of Georges St-Pierre and Michael Bisping. All of that in mind, it would appear that Miller is now facing some serious issues outside of the cage.

As reported by TMZ, Jason Miller was was arrested on Sept. 27 and faced five domestic violence-related felony charges, as well as various charges for damaging the car and house of a former girlfriend.

However, the fighter was released from Orange County Jail on Tuesday morning. Miller has struck a plea deal that threw out all of the fighter’s charges except for a single one. Miller has pled guilty to corporal injury to a spouse/cohabitant. Miller will face three years of probation and a suspended four-year prison sentence with credit for 62 days already served.

Miller has now been released to a rehab facility. The fighter must remain sober as a part of his plea deal. If Miller does not remain sober during his probation, the fighter will be forced to serve his prison sentence.