Jose Aldo Calls For Conor McGregor To Fight Or Leave

With Conor McGregor not likely returning to the octagon anytime soon, some lightweight contenders are growing anxious. UFC competitors are striving for a chance to fight for the title, however the UFC lightweight champion is coming off of a TKO loss in his boxing debut rather than another fight in the octagon.

Now former featherweight champion and former opponent to McGregor, Jose Aldo has come forward with his thoughts on the matter. Speaking to MMA Fighting, Aldo explained:

“Thank God my division is moving. It would be bad if it was stuck, but my division is moving,” Aldo said, speaking on Conor McGregor’s recent reticence. “It’s hard, right? Every athlete dreams of becoming champion, fighting for the title, and the guy is holding up the division. But it’s up to the UFC to make the decisions.

“The UFC needs to do what has to be done: you take the belt away or make him defend it. I think everyone is waiting for that.”

“Yes, this time is coming,” Aldo stated, claiming interim champion Tony Ferguson has a great chance of taking out McGregor. “He has to defend it, has to put his belt on the line in order to become champion. He only won the title. For me, Ferguson has great possibilities of becoming champion in the future.”