Judges Make Error, Bruce Buffer Announces Wrong Decision at UFC Norfolk

Fight fans are currently flooding to Norfolk, Virginia for tonight’s UFC Fight Night 120. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is set to see former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis go toe-to-toe with Dustin Poirier for the night’s exciting main event.

During one of the night’s exhilarating match ups, welterweights Court McGee and Sean Strickland faced off for division dominance. The two mixed martial arts warriors ultimately went the distance. McGee put on a relentless pace during the fight, putting in more work than his opponent. Still, Strickland was able to stuff each and every one of his opponent’s takedowns and countered many of McGee’s strikes with powerful jabs. In the end, legendary announcer Bruce Buffer called the fight a majority draw. Now it would appear that the official decision was not quite so.

Following the announcement of the decision, color-commentator Jon Anik announced that there was an error in the point scoring for the fight and Strickland has now been ruled the victory in the fight by way of unanimous decision.