UFC Results: Court McGree’s UFC Return Spoiled By Majority Draw Decision

UFC Fight Night 120 is going down tonight in Norfolk, Virginia with a card full of exciting match ups. The night’s featured UFC Fight Pass prelim is a welterweight brawl between Court McGee and Sean Strickland.

McGee landed a strong kick early in the first round, but Strickland was able to take advantage of the strike and get his opponent to the ground. McGee made his way back to his feet without taking any significant damage from the fighter.

The fighters began trading shots, without either competitor landing anything too damaging. McGee began landing some good body shots, with Strickland seemingly not checking any of the strikes.

McGee continued to apply pressure to his opponent, walking Strickland down with his hard kicks. Strickland retaliated with some tough jabs, taking advantage of the reach over his smaller opponent.

Strickland ended the round with a knee to McGee’s head just before the bell rang throughout the arena.

The second round opened up with McGee continuing to set the pace, eventually getting the back of his opponent and walking him to the fence. Strickland managed to keep on his feet and make his way back to the center of the octagon, going back into an exchange with McGee.

Both fighters appeared to still be fresh, as Strickland continued to retaliate with counters to McGee’s oncoming quick pace. McGee kept pelting his opponent with leg kicks, as Strickland continued to land his counter jab.

The final round kicked off with Strickland picking up the pace, landing some good jabs on McGee in the first few moments. McGee managed to land a double leg on his opponent, but Strickland effortlessly shrugged off the takedown attempt.

Strickland managed to get McGee to the ground later in the round, raining down some ground and pound from half guard. McGee managed to get to his feet with only one minute left on the clock, immediately taking the back of Strickland. The fighter rolled over for a leg lock, but failed to sink in the submission.

Strickland quickly got the back of his opponent and attempted a rear-naked choke. Unable to finish McGee, the two fighters began throwing bombs for the final moments of their war inside the octagon.

UFC Results: Court McGee and Sean Strickland fight to via majority draw (30-27, 29-29, 29-29)