UFC Results: Chambers And Kassem Put On Early ‘Fight of the Night’ Contender in Sydney

Sydney, Australia is hosting an exciting night of fights inside the Qudos Bank Arena as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is offering fight fans UFC Fight Night 121. The big event includes a series of exciting match ups. In the premier UFC Fight Pass prelim of the night, strawweights Alex Chambers and Nadia Kassem are going at it inside the octagon.

The fight kicked off at a swift pace, as Kassem and Chambers opened up with some brutal striking. Chambers capitalized on her aggression when she caught her opponent’s kick, pressuring Kassem into the fence.

Chambers was not able to get her opponent to the ground, as Kassem retaliated with some brutal punches. Still, Chambers tried once more and managed to finally get her opponent to the mat. Kassem locked in a tight reverse heel hook on her opponent, but was unable to get the submission. Chambers scrambled to the half guard position and began pelting her opponent with strikes.

In the final minute of the round, Chambers continued to lay down ground and pound on Kassem.

The second round opened with Chambers swiftly earning a takedown over Kassem, but Chambers caught a few shots on her way down. Kassem quickly made it back to her feet and landed a big knee to the midsection of Chambers.

Chambers then pressured her opponent into the fence from the clinch, but Kassem was once again able to escape the position.

Kassem began slamming Chambers with tough strikes to the midsection again, but Chambers was able to catch one of Kassem’s kicks and get her to the ground once more.

Kassem locked in an armbar attempt, but was unable to get the position. The fighter quickly transitioned to a triangle choke, but Chambers once again escaped the submission attempt.

Taking the back of her opponent, Kassem ended the round from a dominant position.

Kassem opened the final round with a vengeance, picking up the pace with some precise striking. The fighter cracked Chambers with a powerful leg kick, but Chambers responded with a strong jab. Both fighters appeared to be happy to exchange on the feet in the opening minutes of the round, but Chambers then quickly slammed her opponent into the mat with a takedown.

Kassem once again pulled Chambers into her full guard, neutralizing Chambers’ attempts to throw down some ground and pound.

Kassem made her way to the dominant position over her opponent, but Chambers was able to make it back to her feet.

Kassem stunned her opponent in the last 30 seconds of the fight with a big head kick, but Chambers refused to back down and continued to walk down her opponent. The fighters ended the brawl with a tough exchange.

UFC Results: Nadia Kassem def. Alex Chambers via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-27)