UFC Results: Eric Shelton Smothers His Opponent with Dominant Decision Victory

Fight fans are inside the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, Australia today for UFC Fight Night 121. The exciting fight card is set to feature a series of big match ups. In the second fight of the night, flyweights Jenel Lausa and Eric Shelton are throwing down for division dominance on UFC Fight Pass.

Shelton opened the fight with some vicious head kicks, but Lausa retaliated with some tough jabs. The first round continued to run at a swift pace, as the two fighters struck each other with some explosive kicks.

Lausa managed to take his opponent to the ground, but Shelton quickly pulled his opponent into his full guard. Shelton began throwing down some punches and elbows to his opponent, slowly inching his way to the fence.

Making his way to his feet, Shelton quickly got his opponent to the ground.

One takedown a piece in the final minute of the first round, the fighters found themselves back on their feet and Shelton began delivering some well timed shots to his opponent’s midsection. In the final moments of the round, Shelton earned another takedown on Lausa.

Shelton opened the second round with some swift leg kicks, but Lausa was not backing down. Shelton then pressured his opponent back into the fence, working hard for another takedown. Getting Lausa to the ground, Shelton made his way to the mount position. But, the fighter was unable to get off any damage from the position.

Getting into half guard, Shelton began slamming his opponent in the ear with some tough elbows. Lausa attempted to choke out his opponent with a guillotine, but was unable to lock in the submission. Shelton immediately returned to his pummeling ground and pound.

Pulling Shelton into his full guard, Lausa managed to minimize the ground and pound from his opponent. Still, Shelton ended the round from the dominant position. It was likely a dominant round for the fighter.

Opening the final round, Shelton put Lausa on his back foot with a powerful kick. Shelton then earned another takedown over the fighter, making his way to half guard.

Pulled into Lausa’s full guard, Shelton began pummeling his opponent with strikes from the top position. Lausa began retaliating with some precise elbow strikes to the head of his opponent, but was unable to keep the pace of Shelton.

In the final moments of the round, Shelton continued to pepper his opponent with strikes before letting Lausa on his feet.

UFC Results: Eric Shelton def. Jenel Lausa via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-25)