Matt Brown Doesn’t Know What’s Going On Here, Neither Will You … But It’s Fascinating

Back in 2015, Canelo Alvarez went toe-to-toe with James Kirkland in Houston, Texas. Alvarez went on to earn a knockout victory over the boxer, but now something else has fight fans talking about the exciting match up all over again.

Taking to Instagram, UFC’s Matt Brown recently decided to share a video he enjoyed with his fight fans. In the video, James Kirkland can be seen inside the squared circle seemingly being beaten by an invisible man. With no opponent in sight, Kirkland takes strike after strike in a dominant loss to the ghostly presence. Speaking on the video, Brown stated “Dunno wtf this is all about but I can’t stop watching it.”

Check out the video in the Instagram post below:

Dunno wtf this is all about but I can’t stop watching it

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The video is a major feat of editing accomplished by artist Paul Pfieffer, in which Canelo Alvarez has been completely edited out of the video in order to observe the effects of world class striking with only the presence of the individual receiving the blows.