Nate Diaz Coach Tweets And Deletes Fight Announcement

Ever since yesterday afternoon, the MMA world has been anxiously awaiting official word on a Nate Diaz return to the UFC.

That’s because, yesterday a certified Team Diaz conditioning coach hit Instagram saying that Nate Diaz had a fight and has returned to a training camp.

In his social media post, the American Kickboxing Academy housed coach stated, “You fight fans be ready.. Diaz Back to #asswhopping business.. fight camp we live #stricklybusiness #wardiaz #teamdiaz #stockton #ninjarecovery #bodybyjose #fight #fighter #camp #ufc #2017 #whocanbeagainstus”

Once that post went live it created a massive stir in the MMA community. The industries top reporters got on the phones, and pretty much discovered that Nate is in talks to fight Tyron Woodley in the UFC 219 main event.

Nate’s coach, for whatever reason opted to delete his original post, once the story went viral. But, not only did he delete the post, he acknowledged it’s deletion by posting a screen cap of it, showing it was deleted.

Strange times my friends! What’s it all mean?

Check it out: