Next! GSP and Robert Whittaker Come Face-To-Face Backstage For The First Time

Georges St. Pierre shocked the Madison Square Garden Arena on Saturday when he choked out UFC middleweight champion Michael “The Count” Bisping. The Canadian phenom had not been inside the octagon for nearly four years, as St-Pierre went on a lengthy hiatus after defeating Johny Hendricks back in 2013.

Returning to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), St-Pierre moved up in weight to headline UFC 217 in New York. While it was the fighter’s debut in the middleweight class, St-Pierre went toe-to-toe with the reigning champion. In the third round of his match up against “The Count,” St-Pierre sank in a rear-naked choke for the victory. Now the fighter is the fourth UFC competitor to ever have a belt in two different divisions.

As far as what is next for the newly crowned middleweight champion, there is still a title to unify. Robert Whittaker earned the interim title back at UFC 213. The fighter earned a unanimous decision victory over fellow tough contender Yoel Romero for the interim belt.

Whittaker was backstage at UFC 217 in New York and met Georges St-Pierre after his main event match up. The two fighters can be seen shaking hands and having an exchange in the video above.