No Boomerang Needed, Werdum Dominant in Main Event | UFC Results

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is in Sydney, Australia tonight for UFC Fight Night 121. Now fight fans are inside the Qudos Bank Arena for the night’s exciting main event match up, as former heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum and Marcin Tybura are facing off for division dominance.

Werdum kicked off the fight with some tough striking, landing a strong leg kick on Tybura. Werdum took control of the center of the octagon, as the fighter poured on the pressure over Tybura. Still, Tybura retaliated with powerful strikes of his own.

Werdum managed to get his opponent in the clinch, but the fighter was unable to score any damage. Tybura managed to get out of the position, but Werdum retaliated with a takedown attempt. Pressed against the fence, Tybura fought off the takedown but suffered some strikes from the former champion in the process.

The second round opened with Werdum landing a stunning right hand on his opponent, as the fighter continued to put on the pressure. Tybura then took a rough head kick from his opponent, but continued to walk down the fighter.

Tybura began to counter the former champion’s strikes with precise jabs. Werdum continued to look relaxed inside the octagon, as the fighter controlled the pace of the night’s main event. The former champion struck his opponent with some tough knees and head kicks in the final moments of the round.

The third round opened up with Werdum landing a series of damaging leg kicks on Tybura, but Tybura retaliated with a powerful kick to the midsection of the former champion.

Tybura tried to trip his opponent, but failed to get Werdum to the ground. Werdum responded with a punishing strike to the head of his opponent. The former champion then landed a stunning knee to the body of Tybura, but Tybura pushed on.

Tybura appeared to be glancing at the clock in the final two minutes of the match up. Werdum then hurt Tybura with a series of knees from the clinch. With 30 seconds left in the round, Tybura managed to escape the position and return to the center of the octagon.

The fourth round opened up with both fighters appearing gassed from their tough main event match up. Still, the two MMA warriors continued to exchange with a series of powerful blows. Werdum attempted to take his opponent down after the first minute of the round, but failed to get him to the ground. Back in the center of the octagon, Werdum managed to land another powerful knee to his opponent. Then, Werdum managed to get his opponent to the ground with two minutes left in the round.

The former UFC heavyweight champion began pummeling his opponent from the half guard. Werdum worked hard to transition out of the half guard, but Tybura was not making it easy for him.

Still, Werdum made his way to side control before Tybura managed to make his way back to his feet. With seconds left in the round, Tybura managed to get a takedown over the former champion.

In the final round, Tybura managed to rock Werdum early and slow down the former champion. The fight was momentarily stopped to adjust the hand wrapping of Fabricio Werdum.

Tybura began laying on the pressure, as the fighter landed multiple combinations on Werdum. Werdum then began to pick up the pace and dictate the fight’s temp once more. Hitting Tybura with a rough kick, the former champion punished his opponent with a strong strike.

In the final two minutes of the fight, Tybura managed to get his opponent on his back foot. Tybura then suffered a serious exchange with the former champion, as Werdum landed a lengthy combination on Tybura.

Still, Tybura continued to press forward and land precise counters on his opponent.

In the final moments of the contest, Werdum was looking for the head kick but was unable to get a finish in the fight. This one has gone the distance.

UFC Results: Fabricio Werdum def. Marcin Tybura via unanimous decision