Bec Rawlings Falls Short in a Razor Close Split Decision Loss

Bec Rawlings is heading into the octagon tonight as the co-headliner of UFC Fight Night 121. This time the mixed martial artist will be fighting in her native Australia, as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is inside the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, Australia for the night’s event.

For the fighter’s exciting co-main event, Bec Rawlings and Jessica Rose-Clark are stepping into the octagon to give the Sydney crowd a show in the flyweight division.

Making her flyweight debut, Rawlings opened the fight up at a ferocious pace. The fighter struck her opponent with a tough jab, putting Rose-Clark on her back foot. Rose-Clark quickly retaliated with a combination that landed on Rawlings, but Rawlings continued to put on the pressure.

Rawlings caught a kick from her opponent and brought Rose-Clark to the ground. From Rose-Clark’s full guard, Rawlings began punishing her opponent with a series of damaging ground and pound.

Rawlings made an armbar attempt on her opponent, as Rose-Clark attempted to reverse her position. However, Rose-Clark was able to defend the submission attempt.

Back on their feet, Rawlings walked down her opponent with a vengeance. The fighter began landing combinations on Rose-Clark, as Rawlings continued to press the pace.

The second round opened up with Rawlings quickening the pace, as the fighter pressured Rose-Clark against the fence.

Rose-Clark managed to escape the position and return to the center of the octagon, but Rawlings retaliated with a strong right hand.

Rose-Clark then managed to get her opponent to the ground, after landing some vicious striking. Rawlings managed to escape a choke from the fighter, keeping Rose-Clark in her half guard at the end of the round.

The final round kicked off with Rose-Clark landing a big combination on her opponent, but Rawlings refused to back down from the fighter. Rawlings began walking down Rose-Clark and sticking her with jabs.

However, Rose-Clark offered a few choice counters to her opponent’s striking. Rawlings then hurt Rose-Clark with a right hand, but Rose-Clark came back with a strong punch of her own.

Rawlings continued to pressure her opponent with two minutes left in the fight. The fighter then landed a rough right hook that ended with the fighters in the clinch. Against the fence, Rawlings took her opponent to the mat but Rose-Clark managed to get back to her feet.

Rose-Clark then managed to get Rawlings to the canvas in the final 30 seconds of the fight.

UFC Results: Jessica Rose-Clark def. Bec Rawlings via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)