Raphael Assuncao Earns Knock Out Of The Night Contender On FOX | UFC Results

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is hosting an exhilarating night of fights, as the mixed martial arts promotion is kicking off UFC Fight Night 120 in Norfolk, Virginia. Former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis is set to face off against Dustin Poirier in the night’s headliner.

Bantamweights Raphael Assuncao and Matthew Lopez continued the night of fights with the second main card match up of the night.

The first round kicked off at a slower pace, as the methodical MMA warriors sized each other up. Assuncao began sticking his opponent with well-timed jabs, but Lopez did not back down from the strikes.

Assuncao began to pick up the pace, as the fighter landed combinations on Lopez. The fighter continued to control the center of the octagon, as he continued to land leg kicks on Lopez.

With two minutes left in the second round, Lopez began retaliating with strong hooks to the head of his opponent. The fighter went on to stick Assuncao with a strong body kick, but Assuncao continued to apply the pressure.

The second round opened with Assuncao continuing to punish Lopez with his jabs and leg kicks. Still, Lopez repeatedly offered counters for his opponent.

With two minutes left in the second round, the two fighters began to pick up the pace. Lopez returned fire with a hard jab, after Assuncao stuck the fighter with another tough leg kick. Assuncao then rocked his opponent with a stunning right overhand, but Lopez quickly recovered. Within the final 15 seconds, Lopez appeared to be fully recovered.

Lopez opened the final round with a damaging combination, but Assuncao came back with yet another leg kick. The two fighters appeared to have achieved second winds for the epic finale. Lopez’s leg began to appear heavily damaged. Assuncao punished his opponent with a powerful right hand, putting the fighter away for the win.

UFC Results: Raphael Assuncao def. Matthew Lopez via knockout in round three