Replay! Watch Arlovski Beat The Brakes Off A Grown Man In A Diaper, Who Calls Himself ‘Baby’

Andrei Arlovski was on a five fight winning streak. The former UFC heavyweight champion had not achieved a victory inside the octagon since 2015. Of course, all of that changed on Saturday night, Nov. 11.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) hosted UFC Fight Night 120 in Norfolk, Virginia on Saturday with a collection of entertaining match ups. Among them, former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski earned a shot at pulling himself out of a deep losing streak in a fight against Junior “Baby” Albini.

Arlovski put on a dominant performance over his opponent, punishing the fighter with a litany of strikes. In the end, the former champion earned a unanimous decision victory over his opponent.

“Baby” Albini has put an unexpected twist on his unique moniker, as the fighter sported diaper-esk fight shorts during his match up with the former heavyweight champion. Check out the interesting fight in the highlights above.