Ronda’s Back! And She’s Looking Better Than Ever In Stunning New T.V. Appearance

UFC superstar Ronda Rousey has amassed a hoard of fight fans from all over the globe. Now a star outside of the octagon, Rousey recently appeared on TBS’ Conan in support of the release of the gaming console Xbox One X.

The former UFC bantamweight champion participated in a paid promotion of the recent release of Microsoft’s latest gaming console. As seen in the video above, Rousey plays around with an Xbox controller alongside a man. Neither controller was actually powered on. Upon hearing the boot up sound of the Xbox One X, Rousey then punched the man in the groin.

All of that in mind, Ronda Rousey can be seen showing off some backstage photos from the experience within the Instagram posts below.

The Xbox One X is a new iteration on the Xbox One, boasting a larger hard drive and improved processing abilities. The console was released on Wednesday, Nov. 7.

That face you make before you realize there's a rewind button ?#forza #4k #xboxonex

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