“Thug” Rose’s Fiance’s Reaction To Her Shaving Her Head To Fight Is Priceless

Back in 2015, Rose Namajunas landed a headlining spot in a fight card under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). For UFC Fight Night 80, the mixed martial artist went toe-to-toe with Paige VanZant for the night’s main event. However, some fight fans were not discussing Namajunas’ abilities going into the fight. Rather, they were talking about her hair.

Namajunas shaved her head in preparation for the event, leaving many fight fans thinking that the decision was a form of mental warfare over her opponent. However, in an interview with her boyfriend and former UFC competitor Pat Barry, Barry revealed it was something else.

“Rose is the main event of a UFC fight card and everyone wants to ask her about her haircut. What does the haircut have to do with the fight? I have no idea. When it comes down to training, when it comes down to everything else, she cut it so it could be out of her way. It was a problem.”

Check out the original interview below: