CM Punk Killer Mickey Gall No Longer Undefeated, Gets Dominated In UFC 217’s FOX Opener

New York is hosting the highly anticipated UFC 217 tonight inside the esteemed arena Madison Square Garden. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will include three exhilarating title fights on tonight’s card. Among them, fans will be treated to the long awaited octagon return of Georges St-Pierre. The former UFC welterweight champion will be taking on UFC middleweight champion Michael “The Count” Bisping in the night’s main event.

In the first prelim of the night to be aired on FS1, welterweight Mickey Gall took on Randy Brown.

Mickey Gall, the fighter that previously took out WWE superstar CM Punk, opened the first round with some swift footwork. Gall began to circle around his opponent, but Brown was eventually able to press the fighter against the cage. Brown dished out some damaging knees to the body of Mickey Gall, before bringing the fighter to the ground.

Gall was able to achieve full guard, before Brown began to drop some powerful elbows on his opponent. The fighter was able to bloody Gall’s face with his strikes, before the round came to an end. It was certainly a dominant one for Brown.

Mickey Gall came out with a vengeance over his opponent, landing a series of jabs before taking Brown to the ground. Gall found himself in a submission attempt from Brown’s guard, but slipped out of the fighter’s grasp.

Gall slowly made his way to side-control, where the fighter dished out elbows to his opponent’s head. Gall continued to smother his opponent, before landing a guillotine attempt. However, Brown quickly made his way out of Gall’s grasp. This seemed to be a dominant one for Gall.

Brown entered the third round on the warpath. Quickly applying the pressure to Gall, Brown opened up the cut on his opponent’s face as he took him to the ground. From inside Gall’s full guard, Brown was able to pepper the fighter with a few strikes.

Gall seemed gassed, as Brown continued to rain shots down on his opponent from inside his opponent’s guard. Thirty seconds left in the final round, Gall was still unable to secure a better position from under his opponent.

UFC Results: Randy Brown def. Mickey Gall via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27)