UFC Results: Belal Muhammad Gets a BIG WIN Over Tim Means

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is in Sydney, Australia tonight for UFC Fight Night 121. The mixed martial arts promotion is putting on a hoard of exhilarating match ups. Among them, welterweights Tim Means and Belal Muhammad are throwing down on the night’s main card.

Means opened things up at a high pace in the opening round. Landing a precise leg kick on this opponent, Means put Muhammad on his back foot. Muhammad retaliated with a powerful combination, but Means continued to put on the pressure.

Muhammad began to increase the frequency of his striking, as the fighter began delivering more combinations. Means still pressed on, walking down his opponent and landing powerful jabs.

Muhammad attempted a single leg takedown on his opponent, but failed to bring Means to the canvas. The fighter then tried to land a spinning back fist, but failed to land the strike.

The second round kicked off with Means taking a powerful combination from Muhammad. Muhammad then managed to get his opponent to the ground, but Means returned to his feet before Muhammad managed to deal any damage.

Back in the center of the octagon, Means continued to pepper Muhammad with his jabs. Muhammad attempted to put on the pressure, but Means persisted with his relentless pace. Still, Muhammad managed to clip Means with a powerful right hand.

Muhammad tried to take his opponent to the ground, but Means managed to stuff the takedown and remain on his feet. In the final moments of the round, Means and Muhammad entered a quick flurry of exchanges but failed to capitalize on the final moments.

The final round opened with Muhammad taking control of the center of the octagon, as the fighter began increasing the frequency of his strikes. Means unloaded a big left hand to Muhammad, but the fighter continued to press on.

In the final two minutes of the fight, both fighters appeared gassed from their brawl. Muhammad began throwing strikes with more power, hitting Means with a nice right hand. Means then managed to stuff another takedown from Muhammad, leaving the fighters standing in the final minute of the fight.

Means began throwing body kicks that were keeping Muhammad at bay. Then, Muhammad retaliated with powerful strikes to his opponent.

UFC Results: Belal Muhammad def. Tim Means via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)