UFC Results: Australia’s First Aboriginal Fighter Gets A Nasty Knockout In His UFC Debut

Fight fans are down in Sydney, Australia for tonight’s highly exciting UFC Fight Night 121. This time, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is hosting a series of entertaining match ups. Featured on the night’s FS1 prelims, heavyweights Rashad Coulter and Tai Tuivasa went toe-to-toe for division dominance.

Coulter opened the first round with a takedown attempt on Tuivasa. The fighter rushed his opponent to the fence, but was unable to get Tuivasa to the ground. Back in the center of the octagon, the two heavyweights had a short exchange before Tuivasa managed to rush Coulter into the fence from the clinch.

Coulter then earned a takedown over Tuivasa, but Tuivasa made his way back to his feet. The two fighters then entered an exchange, but the mixed martial arts warriors kept things at a methodical and slower pace.

Tuivasa rushed his opponent to the fence once again, landing some powerful punches to the head of Coulter. Tuivasa then dropped his opponent with a brutal leg kick, that was followed up with some devastating strikes that brought the fight to an end.

UFC Results: Tai Tuivasa def. Rashad Coulter via knockout in round 1