UFC Results: Nik Lentz Finishes Former Teammate, Then Puts Up $50k To Anyone From ATT Who Can Beat Him

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is in Sydney, Australia today for UFC Fight Night 121. The event offers a selection of exciting match ups. Next up on the night’s card, former Bellator lightweight champion Will Brooks and Nik Lentz are throwing down in a preliminary match on FS1. The fighters were initially set to face off at UFC 216, but Lentz was pulled from the match up for medical issues. Now the fighters are finally throwing down inside the octagon.

The first round kicked off at a swift pace, as Lentz offered a series of kicks to his opponent. Brooks retaliated with a strong right hand. Brooks started putting together big combinations over his opponent. The fighter then earned a swift takedown over his opponent, but Lentz turned the takedown to his advantage by locking in a guillotine attempt. However, Brooks managed to get back to his feet after escaping from the submission.

Lentz continued to apply the pressure as he landed a strong knee to the midsection of his opponent, leading to the fighter pressuring Brooks into the fence. Lentz worked hard for a takedown, but Brooks resisted his attempt.

Lentz kicked things off in the second round with a flurry of punches that lead to an exciting exchange with Brooks. Brooks retaliated with a strong combination and a takedown.

Nik Lentz then finished his opponent with a swift guillotine, bringing the fight to an abrupt end.

UFC Results: Nik Lentz def. Will Brooks via submission in round 2