UFC Results: Theodorou Takes Out His Elder, Dan Kelly in FOTN Contender

Fight fans are taking to Sydney, Australia tonight for UFC Fight Night 121. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is hosting a collection of entertaining match ups, including a middleweight throw down between Elias Theodorou and Dan Kelly.

The first round opened up with Theodorou putting on the pressure, landing a series of tough leg kicks to his opponent. The fighter then entered a clinch with Kelly, but Kelly was unable to deal much damage from the position.

Theodorou continued to dictate the pace of the fight, as he circled around his opponent. Kelly attempted to take the fighter down, but failed to get Theodorou to the mat.

Kelly then began to put on the pressure, as he landed a strong right hand on his opponent. Kelly appeared to become more comfortable with is striking, as the fighter began picking up the pace with more frequent strikes.

The second round opened up with Kelly looking to bring the pressure to Theodorou. The fighter then managed to drop Theodorou with a right hand, but Theodorou quickly made his way back to his feet.

Theodorou then landed an accidental low blow on his opponent, bringing the fight to a momentary pause. Kelly then returned with a vengeance, giving Theodorou another strong right hand.

From the clinch, Kelly managed to land a few significant strikes before Theodorou escaped the situation and returned to the center of the octagon. With only one minute left in the second round, Theodorou landed a strong body kick to his opponent before entering the clinch with Kelly once again.

Kelly ended the round walking down his opponent, but without a final exchange before the ring of the bell.

The final round kicked off with Theodorou landing a nice head kick on his opponent. Still, Kelly continued to walk down Theodorou relentlessly. Kelly then managed to get Theodorou to the ground, getting the back of his opponent. Theodorou broke the submission attempt and made his way back to his feet.

Theodorou then returned with a vengeance, striking Kelly with a tough leg kick. Kelly began pressuring his opponent again in the final minute of the fight. Theodorou retaliated with powerful counters, as Kelly began landing strong right hands.

Kelly worked hard to get his opponent to the ground, but failed to get the takedown. In the final seconds of the fight, the Sydney crowd was on their feet as the two MMA warriors entered a brutal exchange all the way to the bell.

UFC Results: Elias Theodorou def. Dan Kelly via unanimous decision (30-28, 30-27, 30-26)