UFC Results: Volkanovski Wins Main Card Opener in Sydney

Sydney, Australia is hosting an entertaining night of fights inside the Qudos Bank Arena today for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). This time around, the mixed martial arts promotion is offering UFC Fight Night 121 for the Sydney crowd. Kicking off the night’s main card, featherweights Alexander Volkanovski and Shane Young are set to enter a war inside the octagon.

The first round opened with Volkanovski and Young taking a moment to size each other up with their reach. Young picked up the pace by pressuring his opponent into the fence, but Volkanovski was able to make his way back to the center of the octagon.

Volkanovski then made a takedown attempt on his opponent, but Young managed to resist the fighter’s attempt. Volkanovski retaliated with a brutal knee to his opponent’s face, allowing the fighter to finally lock in a takedown over Young.
Young quickly made his way back to his feet, but was pressured back into the fence by Volkanovski. The fighters ended the round with an exciting exchange that got the Sydney crowd on their feet.

Volkanovski opened the second round with a vengeance. Getting Young against the fence, Volkanovski began landing tough knees to his opponent’s midsection.

Young escaped the damaging situation and started to make his way away from the fence, but Volkanovski was quick to take his opponent down to the mat.

Young shot back up to his feet before taking any damage and punished his opponent with a right hand. Still, Volkanovski continued to walk down his opponent and dictate the pace of the fight.

Volkanovski got his opponent to the ground again and began dealing some serious ground and pound from Young’s guard in the final moments of the second round.

The final round kicked off with Volkanovski quickly going for another take down on his opponent. Pressed against the fence, Young worked hard to stay on the feet. Volkanovski retaliated with a hard knee to his opponent’s face.

Then, Young earned a takedown of his own. Volkanovski was quick to shoot back to his feet, swiftly tossing Young back to the mat.

The fighter then found himself in Young’s guard, but managed to land some brutal ground and pound from the position. In the final minute of the fight, Young made his way back to his feet.

However, the fighter was unable to get a finish before the end of the fight.

UFC Results: Alexander Volkanovski def. Shane Young via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-26)