Viral UFC Heavyweight Named “Baby” Explains Fighting In A Reebok Diaper

Last weekend’s UFC event was an interesting one. The star-studded free night of fights was capped off with a one-sided slaying of Anthony Pettis, courtesy of American Top Team’s Dustin Poirier.

Also making headlines in the aftermath of UFC Fight Night 120 from Norfolk is UFC heavyweight fighter Junior “Baby” Albini, who says he didn’t plan on playing off his fighter name and fighting in a diaper, he’s just too big for the Reebok gear provided, which caused his wardrobe malfunction.

In a new talk with Combate, the big man explaining:

“People were sending my messages, making fun of me. I thought it was funny, too, in the fight: ‘It does look like a diaper.’ My manager was laughing. We send each other some of the memes and laugh a lot. I was a good sport about it. I have to be. If I get pissed at this, I’m going to get pissed at everything.”

“The guy wants to kill me across the cage, and I’m going to worry about this, about shorts? So I did that big diaper, but I had no idea it was going to look like that. Next time, I talked to my manager, I’m going to keep my weight stable and ask Reebok for (stretch material) so I can get accustomed to them. I don’t like (the shorts) tight.

“Next time I’m going to wear Lycras, no more shorts like these. Fighting in a diaper is rough.”