Volkan Oezdemir Bar Fight “Victim” Was Knocked Out Cold For 14-Minutes

UFC light heavyweight contender Volkan Oezdemir was arrested on Saturday, Nov. 18, by Fort Lauderdale Police for aggravated battery with serious bodily injury. The fighter was booked in the Broward County jail and his was set a $10,000 bond. The offense is a second-degree felony in the state of Florida.

As reported by MMA Fighting, Oezdemir’s arrest originated from a physical altercation that took place Aug. 12 outside of a bar in Fort Lauderdale. The alleged victim is Kevin Cohen.

Cohen told police that he went outside of the bar after hearing that his friend had been knocked unconscious by another man. Cohen then told police that he was knocked unconscious after asking who had struck his friend.

The man claims he was unconscious for upwards of 14 minutes and was then taken to the hospital, where he received staples for lacerations on his face.

Cohen then claimed that bar patrons later informed him that Oezdemir was the man that had struck him.