Basketball Game Turns Violent, Player Banned For Life After Mid-Game Knockout

In the sport of mixed martial arts, referees exist to protect the fighters. However, it appears that the referee at this game was unable to protect himself from a player turning the event into total chaos and a violent basketball fight.

As reported by FOX Sports, a professional basketball game in Uruguay took a sharp and unexpected turn when one player became unhappy with the referee’s call during the event. Responding to the call in a fit of passion, the basketball player can be seen punching the referee in the face. The referee immediately collapsed to the strike and hit the court floor.

The referee was unconscious for over three hours and required emergency surgery to save his vision in his left eye. The man also suffered a dislocated and fractured jaw from the punch. The player, who competed for a team out of Argentina, has since been suspended from the league for life and is facing a civil action lawsuit for the assault.

The shocking incident can be seen in the video above.

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