Police Attempt To Arrest BJJ Black belt, But Fail Miserably

Mixed martial artists are lucky enough to have the ability to study their upcoming opponent for weeks on end, working hard to avoid all the tricks and signature moves of their temporary foes. Police officers have no such luck, however.

While they do undergo training, there is nothing like being under pressure and having to make a quick decision that could impact the lives around them. These officers underwent training to make sure they know exactly how to handle every criminal they cross. From the druggie mess-ups that are easy to capture and arrest all the way to grappling champions who think they can twist cops into submission.

In the video above, a police officer can be seen taking his training to the mat. The training drill required the officer to subdue a rather aggressive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. However, things simply did not go the policeman’s way.

The black belt managed to take his opponent to the ground and get the back of the police officer. From there, the BJJ practitioner locked in a tight rear-naked choke that brought an end to the training drill.

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