Colby Covington Finally Goes Too Far, Tweets Out Spoilers For New Star Wars Movie On Opening Night

On opening night of the Last Jedi, the new Star Wars Film, UFC welterweight Colby Covington, decided it would be a good idea to send out to the world what happens in the movie’s ending, and spoil it for everyone.

It’s a cold move during the holiday season, one that has absolutely infuriated thousands of fans across the globe.

The Star Wars film franchise is one of the most successful in movie history. This year, Lucas Films opted on a holiday release for the latest in the series. Year end Holiday releases are typically reserved for major blockbuster motion pictures, ones that have a shot at breaking ticket sales records.

This year, there is not a more anticipated title than the Last Jedi, and if you’re one of Colby’s 300,000 Twitter followers he just ruined it for you.

Suddenly, that video of him getting hit in the face with a boomerang (see above) just got a lot more satisfying to watch on repeat.

For those still planning to see the film, don’t scroll beyond this line unless you want to know how it ends.

Here’s Colby’s lame move:

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