Controversial UFC Veteran Jeff Monson Show Up To Anti-Trump Rally, Starts Beating Up Protestors

Jeff Monson is an accomplished mixed martial artist. The fighter has competed under many promotional banners, including the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The fighter has a massive total of 60 victories and 26 defeats to his professional record, cementing the fighter’s veteran status in the sport. That being said, the former UFC competitor is known for more than being a previous competitor in the world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion.

Monson is outspoken on his political views. After pursuing citizenship in Russia, Monson would later express his interest in joining the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in a video published to the internet.

Earlier this year, Monson entered a physical altercation with a protester at an anti-Trump rally. In the video below, the man can be seen striking Monson before the fighter could be pulled away from the confrontation by the nearby crowd.

Check out the altercation in the video below:

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